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At Kissmet, we do our best to ensure that our policies are fair, open and transparent. If you cannot find the information you are looking for below, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you.

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We are at your service

This is your Shipping Policy section. This is the ideal place to inform your site visitors about your shipping methods, packages and costs. Use clear and unambiguous language to gain the trust of your customers and make them choose you again!

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This is your Returns Policy Section. This is the ideal place to tell your customers what they can do if they change their mind about a product they have purchased or are not satisfied with it. Having a clear return or exchange policy allows your customers to trust you and make more purchases!

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Your Data Is Safe

This is your Privacy Policy section. This is the ideal place to inform your customers about how you use, store and protect their personal information. Include details here, such as how you use the third-party banking service to confirm payments and how you store customers' data after the purchase is complete.

The privacy of your users is of paramount importance to your business. So take the necessary time to write an accurate and detailed policy. Use simple language to enable users to shop with confidence and over and over again.

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